Published: Monday 03 September, 2018

PAL Flight Attendant Feeding Elderly Passenger Earns Praise: Who is She?

PAL flight attendant feeding passenger

PAL flight attendant ‘Chet’ deserves all the praises she’s been getting. (Facebook)

A Philippine Airlines flight attendant is heaping praise and admiration online for a photo posted about her. The PAL flight attendant is seen feeding an elderly passenger, something not NOT ALL flight attendants do or are even willing to do!

Netizens have called it a demonstration of true Filipino compassion, our innate kindness and caring especially for our elders. But who is this PAL flight attendant, netizens want to know. 

The photo was posted on Facebook by Rina Sheryl Estabillo-Dajao, who said the flight attendant deserves to be the ‘cabin crew of the century’!

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“Whoever she is, may the Lord bless you a thousand fold and make you the cabin crew of the century. Wholehearted service in action. This deserves 5 stars. #FindTheMysteryCrew,” Estabillo-Dajao wrote in the caption.

Indeed, she deserves all the praises she is receiving. A flight attendant’s job is not easy. It is physically and emotionally taxing to serve and take care of dozens of passengers’ needs on a flight. As I have personally seen, they even have to deal with rude passengers, at times, yet still try to maintain their composure. I’m sure all flight attendants have their own horror stories. And yet to see someone like this PAL flight attendant going the extra mile is really admirable.

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UPDATE: Rina SHeryl Estabillo-Dajao has identified the flight attendant. She says her name is ‘Chet’.

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