Published: Saturday 27 January, 2018

Ex Super Sireyna Beauty Queen Sabel Gonzales Back to Being a Man

Transgender beauty queen Sabel Gonzales is now back to being Mark Estephen. The former Super Sireyna winner surprised followers with his announcement that Sabel is now back to being a man after rediscovering his faith.

Super Sireyna Sabel Gonzales Mark Estephen

Sabel Gonzales, a former Super Sireyna winner, is now back as Mark Estephen. (Facebook/Mark Estephen)

Sabel Gonzales was a former winner of Eat Bulaga’s Super Sireyna pageant, a beauty contest for transgenders. Using the stage name ‘Julia Barretto’, Gonzales was named Super Sireyna Queen of Flowers in 2014. She went on to represent the Philippines in Miss International Queen 2017, an international pageant of transgenders, in Thailand and was among the Top 10 finalists.

But, this week, Sabel surprised everyone by revealing that she is now back as a he as Mark Estephen, his real name. In a Facebook post that has now gone viral, Mark Estephen declared that he has found true happiness through Jesus Christ.

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“It’s 2018, and I found my true happiness in life from Our Lord Jesus Christ. 🙂🙏🏻 only God can change to you and to me .. so accept and follow Jesus now as our savior and repent from our sins. He is the only way , the truth and the life to be with the Father and to be in heaven,” Mark Estephen wrote on January 23 as a caption to several photos showing himself with short hair.

His revelation was quickly embraced by followers, who praised Mark Estephen for returning to the Lord, though there were some who asked if it was for real.

One follower asked why he went back to being a man, and what prompted him to make the big decision. In reply, the former Super Sireyna winner, now based in the USA, said:

“God changed me. He is the only one who can change us for His will. His love for us is eternal and everlasting. I’m just doing the right thing in my life with His guidance. Now, that I know the truth and following Jesus in my life, it’s a new life, new creation of God, it’s not my own desire anymore but it’s a God’s desire for my life.”

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“(John 14 :6) ‘Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.’

“To accept Jesus Christ as our savior and declare that He is our Lord, to confess our sins ,ask forgiveness , to repent , surrender our life to Him and to obey His commandments, and we will be SAVED.”

In a subsequent Facebook post, Mark Estephen said he has found the freedom and respect that he had been searching for.

“I am free and I found my real FREEDOM, LOVE, EQUALITY, RESPECT , and ACCEPTANCE for being who I am and what I am because of JESUS!!➕.”

Sabel Gonzales

Sabel Gonzales during the Miss International Queen pageant in Thailand. (Miss International Queen image)

Sabel Gonzales Mark Estephen

Sabel Gonzales now as Mark Estephen. (Facebook/Mark Estephen)