Published: Thursday 08 December, 2016

TARA 5: Treasuri & Louisa in Shock Elimination After Yield & U-Turn

Race front runners Treasuri & Louisa have been eliminated from The Amazing Race Asia 5.  In the episode tonight, Treasuri and Louisa received both a Yield and a U-Turn causing them to arrive last the the Pit Stop.

Louisa was in tears after being eliminated from TARA 5. This is understandable considering that they have been the quickest and smartest of the batch this season, reasons that led them to finish first in a number of Amazing Race Asia 5 legs this year.

This had drawbacks, though. As the front runners and ‘most feared’ tandem in the race, Treasuri & Louisa thus became targets for the other teams as The Amazing Race Asia 5 reached the homestretch.

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And that’s just what happened tonight. With only four teams remaining – Treasuri & Louisa, Eric & Rona, Parul & Maggie, and Yvonne & Chloe, everyone had to put their best feet forward and use their trump cards to make it to the last 3 teams for next week’s final race. The trump cards showed up as if on cue – a Yield and a U-Turn.

A team receiving a Yield allows a team to delay another for a specified time to get an advantage. Meanwhile, a U-Turn mean the team must perform all tasks in the section of the race before proceeding. Filipino teams Maggie & Parul and Eric & Rona used the Yield and U-Turn on Treasuri and Louisa, respectively, thus delaying the team.

Treasuri & Louisa TARA 5

Treasuri & Louisa after getting eliminated from TARA 5. ( PHOTO: Facebook/The Amazing Race Asia)

The Indonesian pair may have been eliminated and lost but, for all it’s worth, having been given both the Yield and the U-Turn is a testament to Treasuri and Louisa’s teamwork and skill that made them one of the best tandems The Amazing Race Asia has seen.

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