Published: Monday 12 December, 2016

Taxi Scam with a Twist: Passenger Dupes Driver with Fake US Dollars

When we hear of taxi scams, it is often about passengers being duped or conned by unscrupulous taxi drivers. This one, however, is a different taxi scam – the driver is the victim.

taxi scam fake US dollars

Taxi driver duped into accepting fake US dollars. (PHOTO: GMA News/YouTube)

A balikbayan passenger conned a taxi driver into accepting fake US dollars as payment. What’s more, the hapless driver was duped into giving thousands in change!

According to a report on GMA News, taxi driver picked up his passenger in Cubao, Quezon City Tuesday night. The passenger identified himself as Steven James Tood, a balikbayan from the United States. Tood asked the driver, Noriel Puerto, to take him to Buendia in Makati City.

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Arriving in Makati, Tood asked to be taken to a convenience store. It was there that he propositioned the taxi driver to accept US$200 as payment and give him P1500 as change. Tood even reportedly gave Puerto two candy bars to convince him that he was really a balikabayan.

Puerto agreed. However, he became suspicious when he noticed that the dollars had a different color.

“Sabi ko, ‘Bakit parang iba yung kulay ng pera.’ Sabi niya, ‘Kasi iba na ngayon ang presidente namin. Si Trump na’,” related the taxi driver.

It was only later at the money changer that Puerto learned he had been scammed.

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