Published: Saturday 29 July, 2017

LOOK Alleged Terrence Romeo Scandal Photos Emerge: Is it Really Him, Vice?

Photos allegedly of basketball star Terrence Romeo have emerged online. The Terrence Romeo scandal photos show closeups of a man’s manhood in two separate shots. Likewise, two closeup pictures of a guy who resembles Terrence Romeo were posted along with the scandal pictures.

terrence romeo scandal

Are the Terrence Romeo scandal photos that came out online real? (Efigenio Toledo IV via Philstar)

Are these Terrence Romeo scandal photos real? Is it really Romeo in the pictures? Are the cloesups of a guy holding his manhood Terrence?

These are mere allegations. For one, the website which posted the scandal photos did not identify the guy as Terrence Romeo. It only provided clues that it might be the basketball star. A jumbled caption, which when rearranged form Romeo’s name, is the main clue which lead readers to guess that it might be the alleged former boyfriend of Vice Ganda.

Terrence Romeo scandal

The closeup face shots of the guy are neither conclusive. Baka naman kamukha lang?

Terrence Romeo scandal

You be the judge.

Of course, we cannot post the closeup of his manhood here. For that, you may have to look a little further at some other sites.