Published: Sunday 18 June, 2017

Terrence Romeo to Join Showbiz? Is a Movie with Vice Ganda Possible?

Basketball superstar Terrence Romeo may yet be the latest PBA star to join show business. If so, will Terrence be willing to to a project with Vice Ganda, his rumored ex? A movie perhaps?

Terrence Romeo Vice Ganda

Before anything else, let us make this clear. There is still nothing definite about Terrence Romeo entering showbiz. But it is a possibility. Romeo is willing to give it a try. This he told Dolly Ann Carvajal in an interview posted on the Inquirer.

When asked if he would be willing to join showbiz, this was Terrence Romeo’s reply: “Maybe if it’s for an action film, I’d give it a try.”

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If it’s only for an action movie, then the possibility of a project with Vice Ganda is off the table. Unless it’s going to be a comedy action film. 🙂

But then again, even if the basketball star did not limit himself to action movies, we doubt if a project with Vice Ganda would be possible. They had been ignoring each other for some time now. Both would refuse to talk about the other and their reported past relationship. Although Vice Ganda would often drop hints about his previous relationship with a basketball player.

Terrence has also been very private about his personal life. In fact, he would not even talk about his fiance to Dolly Ann.

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