Published: Saturday 24 December, 2016

Thailand Censors Megan Young’s Cleavage During Miss World 2016

The Philippines’ Megan Young hosted Miss World 2016 but her dress was censored by Thailand’s Channel 3 TV because it was too revealing.

Megan Young

Megan Young and her blurred cleavage during Miss World 2016. (PHOTO: CEN via The Daily Mail)

Megan Young hosted Miss World for the third consecutive time Sunday. A former Miss World winner herself, Megan wore a revealing dress that showed her cleavage during the start of the event. It was a stunning look for the former Miss World 2013 but, it seems, not everybody was impressed.

In Thailand, Channel 3 TV which was broadcasting the event from Washington DC, Megan’s cleavage was blurred out by the ‘fashion police’. According to MailOnline, executives of the TV network deemed her plunging neckline was ‘too shocking to be aired.’

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This prompted protests on social media sites and accused the Thailand TV network of hypocrisy, with many pointing to the country’s notorious sex industry.

“If you guys have ever been to Thailand what Megan Young wearing is nothing compared to the Thai women are wearing in street at night. Hypocrisy at its finest!” reads one comment.

“Yeah right! Then they gladly allow tourist to sleep with children,” said another.

“What a load of rubbish that is. In Thailand they sell young children for sex and nothing is done about it,” another reader chimed in.

But, according to The Daily Mail, Thailand may be famous for its sex tourism but when it comes to television, it has long been known for being strict.

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