Published: Tuesday 08 May, 2018

That Stare! Michela Cazzola Captivates Duterte During Selfie at ADB Event

Michela Cazzola is popularly known as James Yap’s longtime girlfriend. But unknown to many, Michela is a specialist at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for many years now, the reason why when was living in the Philippines when she met James Yap.

At the recent ADB meeting attended by President Duterte, Michela Cazzola scored a selfie with the chief executive she called ‘The Boss’. But her selfie went viral for another reason – Duterte’s stare! 

Can’t blame him, Michela is indeed a stunner and we all know our president is an admirer of beautiful women!

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But some netizens pointed out that Duterte’s stare was rather ‘creepy’ – sort of a DOM stare, and Michela looked scared! Ha ha! Well, that’s their opinion.

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