Published: Monday 20 November, 2017

Tom Doromal Breaks His Silence on What Really Happened to Hashtag Franco

Tom Doromal was the last Hashtags member to see Franco Hernandez alive. In fact, it was Tom who invited Hashtag Franco to their hometown in Davao Oriental for a short vacation that would end in tragedy.

Tom Doromal Hashtag Franco Hernandez

Tom Doromal and Hashtag Franco in their last photo together. (Image by Tom Doromal via Rated K/ABS CBN)

On Sunday’s Rated K, Tom Doromal finally broke his silence on what really happened to Hashtag Franco in Davao and their last moments together.

According to Hashtag Tom, he invited Franco to Davao Oriental for a vacation because they had a short time off from work the weekend of November 11. Some of the It’s Showtime hosts were going to New Zealand for Anne Curtis’ wedding and they already taped Saturday’s show.

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They were supposed to leave on a 6:00 AM flight that Saturday but missed their plane and had to be re-booked. Tom said he planned to take Hashtag Franco, his girlfriend and their other friends to a local falls but changed their mind and went to a white beach instead.

On their way back, however, their boat began taking in water and they had to abandon it to keep it from sinking. This sets the record straight from earlier reports that said a big wave hit their boat causing Hashtag Franco and his girlfriend to be thrown overboard.

Tom said that he then noticed Franco and his girlfriend Janica had drifted to the deep part of the water. Both were rescued but Franco was already unconscious by that time.

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Tom tried to revive Franco after the accident but was he couldn’t. The took him to the nearest medical facility where Hashtag Franco was declared dead on arrival.