Published: Sunday 10 June, 2018

‘Best Buddies’ Donald Trump & Kim Jong-Un Spotted in Singapore Ahead of Summit

Walking hand-in-hand in Singapore, ‘Donald Trump’ and ‘Kim Jong-un’ seem to be best buddies ahead of their historic summit next week. Crowds followed ‘Trump’ and ‘Kim Jong-un’ as they displayed their surprising friendship on the Singapore waterfront and even posed in front of the Merlion.

But, of course, these are not the real Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. They are impersonators, look-alikes hogging the spotlight days before the real US president and North Korean leader arrived in the city for peace talks.

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They are Howard X, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Kim, and Dennis Alan, who isn’t quite the Trump doppelganger without his MAGA cap.

Some Singaporeans were fooled, though. One bystander interviewed by BBC said he was surprised by the lack of security!

Dubbed as the ‘real summit’, the appearance of the look-alikes was actually a promotional event. The entrance was free but selfies were not. Those who wanted selfies had to download an app the duo was promoting, which costs about US$11. 

“Thank you for all the donations you have been making to North Korea, well, me. I really really appreciate it, because we are really cash-strapped,” said ‘Kim Jong-un.