Published: Friday 23 December, 2016

Tunisian Suspect in Berlin Christmas Market Attack Shot Dead in Milan

The primary suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack is dead. The Tunisian terrorist had been shot dead in Milan.

Berlin attack suspect

Berlin attack suspect, Anis Amri, lay dead after being shot by police in Milan. (PHOTO: Wikilao)

Anis Amri, the 24-year old Berlin attack suspect, was shot and killed after engaging police outside a train station in Milan. The Tunisian opened fire on police after he was asked to present some ID in a routine patrol.

Amri was the  primary suspect in the truck attack at a Berlin Christmas market that killed 12 people and injured dozens. Amri’s asylum papers were found by police inside the truck that he used to ram people and stalls in the busy Christmas market packed with locals and tourists.

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According to the police in Milan, it was pure luck that they chanced upon Amri at 3:00 AM. He looked suspicious so they asked him for ID. But then, the suspect pulled out a gun from his backpack and opened fire on the two police officers on patrol, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he did so.. One officer was injured.

Italian police confirmed the identity of Amri via a press conference later in the day. It said the Berlin attack suspect’s fingerprints found inside the truck matched those of the dead man in Milan.

A manhunt was launched for Amri by German authorities, and a reward of 100,000 euros was offered. Initially, police arrested another suspect in the Berlin attack but he was released later after authorities determined they had the wrong guy.

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According to BBC News, authorities believe the Berlin attack suspect crossed the border to France from Germany immediately after the Christmas market attack. He then took a train from France to Turin, and another train from Turin to Milan.

According to Italian authorities, Anis Amri is known to Italian authorities having lived in Italy before moving to Germany. The suspect served a prison sentence in Italy after being convicted of vandalism, threats and theft in 2011. He asked to leave Italy after his release and sought asylum in Germany earlier this year.