Published: Sunday 21 October, 2018

Two BIR Employees Arrested After Extortion Try on Batangas Businessman

BIR employees arrested

The BIR employees were arrested at the BIR office in Batangas City. (Getty Images)

Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) employees Menelao Jimenez and Mark Medina were arrested after an entrapment operation at the BIR office in Batangas City on Thursday. Jimenez and Medina allegedly tried to extort P800,000 from a businessman to facilitate his tax liabilities.

Menelao Jimenez, a BIR examiner, and Mark Medina, a BIT supervisor, were arrested by NBI operative posing as employees of the businessman making the pay-off, according to a report on TV Patrol.

As soon as the envelop containing the money changed hands, the arrests were made. The NBI said two other employees are involved but they were not named as of press time.

According to the businessman, the initial demand was for P1 million but this was reduced to P800,000 after some bargaining.

Medina and Jimenez, who denied the allegations, will be charged of violating the Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, Code of Conduct at Ethical Standards for Public Officials, as well as committing direct bribery.

I’m sure there are more of them out there.

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