Published: Saturday 06 January, 2018

Two Men Caught Stealing Shoes During Fire at Metro Ayala Mall in Cebu

As the fire raged at Metro Ayala Cebu, two men were arrested for allegedly stealing shoes. The two were identified as backhoe operators who were helping fire fighters put out the fire. Instead, they turned out to be ‘bantay salakay’.

Metro Ayala fire continues

Metro Ayala fire rages as fire officials said it may take two days to completely put out the blaze. (SunStar/Nagiel Bañacia)

A security guard of Metro Ayala Cebu caught the two men stealing shoes. They were identified as Arnel Villarta, 39, and Edwin Sarabia, 49, according to the Inquirer. It turned out that instead of assisting in putting out the fire, the two backhoe operators decided to go shopping, for free!

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Authorities used several backhoes to demolish walls of Metro Ayala mall where a fire still rages after more than 24 hours. Fire officials decided to make large holes on the wall to let the extreme heat and thick smoke get out.

Fire fighters admitted that they could not get into the building to put out the fire because of the thick black smoke inside. Visibility was zero. Add to this the trapped heat which was starting the crack the walls and weaken the structure.

When the heat and smoke finally escaped earlier today, firemen were able to ‘contain’ the blaze.

The fire erupted Friday night at the stockroom of the toy department on the third floor. Smoke was detected at around 9:30 Pm and everyone inside was immediately evacuated. The blaze quickly spread amid reports that the sprinklers failed.

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The two backhoe operators denied they were stealing the shoes. They said they were merely trying them on!

Yeah, right! Sige kuya, sinong maniniwala sa inyo? Kasagsagan ng sun og nagsusukat kayo na sapatos?!?! LOL