Published: Friday 04 May, 2018

2 Filipino Teens Commit Suicide in Dubai, Linked to the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’

The suicide deaths of two Filipino teenagers in Dubai have shocked their families. The Pinoy students, aged 15 and 16, came from the same school and committed suicide a day apart. Police are now looking into the Blue Whale Challenge and if it played a part in the deaths.

Both Filipino teenagers were students at the United International Private School in Muhaisnah, according to a report by Gulf News. Their identities have been withheld. But both students reportedly talked about committing suicide on social media.

“Both students are from the same school but are not related. The girl hanged herself inside her room and the boy plunged to death from the eighth floor of his building,” said the Dubai Police in a statement to Gulf News.

Filipino Teenagers’ Suicides

The first suicide occurred on April 24 when a 15-year old girl hanged herself inside her room in a shared apartment in Al Ghusais. According to Gulf News, she was apparently depressed and had attempted to commit suicide in the past.

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A day later, police were alerted to the second suicide – a 16-year old boy had jumped from their eight floor apartment at around 11 PM local time. Reports said the father was asleep in a another room when his son jumped to his death. His room was locked from the inside.

Shocked, the Filipino father could not believe it was his son’s body the police found on the pavement. He said his son was very intelligent and he did not see any reason why he would commit suicide. He was an only son.

Police added that boy was from a successful family and had no financial or social problems. He was also well known among his classmates at the United International Private School.

Authorities are looking into the suicides’ link to an online challenge that asks its participants to commit suicide.

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Blue Whale Challenge

The Blue Whale Challenge (also known as the Blue Whale Game) is a social media group that challenges its members to perform as series of tasks. These start with relatively easy challenges like watching a scary movie. But, as the series of challenges go on, the tasks become more difficult. According to Wikipedia, the 50-day challenge ends with administrators asking the participants to commit suicide.

A number of suicide deaths reported online have been linked to the Blue Whale challenge.

In 2016, Russian Phillip Budeikin claimed he invested the Blue Whale challenge. Budeikin said he did this “to cleanse society by pushing persons to suicide whom he deemed as having no value.” Though he initially claimed he was just having fun, Budeikin later confessed to inciting at least 16 teenage girls to commit suicide. He was later convicted on two counts of inciting suicide of a minor.