Published: Saturday 27 October, 2018

U.S. MAGAbomber Cesar Altieri Sayoc Arrested in Florida, and He is Part-Filipino?

Cesar altieri sayoc

Is the MAGAbomber really part-Filipino? (Handout via Reuters)

The good news: Cesar Altieri Sayoc, the MAGAbomber to sent alteast 12 pipe bombs to Trump critics, has been arrested. The bad news for Filipinos: he has Pinoy blood! Yes, Cesar Sayoc claims he is part-Filipino!

The MAGAbomber has been identified as Cesar Altieri Sayoc and he was arrested a few hours ago in Plantation, Florida. After sending, at least (others may still be in the mail), 12 pipe bombs to President Donald Trump’s critics, including The Obamas, The Clintons and CNN, Cesar Sayoc was nabbed on Friday morning.

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Federal investigators swooped down on Plantation, Florida after identifying the MAGAbomber through a fingerprint he left on one of his pipe bombs. Authorities then traced him through his mobile phone and arrested Cesar Sayoc in his white van, where is living.

Sayoc no faces up to 48 years in prison for mailing the pipe bombs, which he told investigators in Plantation, Florida were not meant to hurt anyone. He is presently being held at a federal detention center in Miami.

cesar altieri sayoc

The MAGAbomber showing support for Trump. (Facebook)

Cesar Altieri Sayoc is a diehard Trump fan and his Facebook page is plastered with photos and videos showing support for the president. Initial investigation reveals that Sayoc also used social media to threaten Trump critics and spread conspiracy theories targeting CNN, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Muslims. He also identifies himself as a white supremacist.

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Cesar Altieri Sayoc is part-Italian and Part-Filipino. In his Linkedin page, he said his grandfather was a prominent Filipino surgeon.

cesar Altieri Sayoc

Sayoc’s white van plastered with Trump stickers. (twitter)

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