Published: Saturday 13 October, 2018

Vice Ganda & Calvin Abueva, What’s the Real Score? Just Friends or Something More?

Vice Ganda Calvin Abueva

Vice Ganda and Calvin Abueva: Just friends or may something? (YouTube)

Is Calvin Abueva the new boyfriend of Vice Ganda? Then why did Vice react that way when Ryan Bang called Calvin his ‘daddy’? And why are It’s Showtime hosts teasing Vice to greet his basketball player?

There are rumors that Vice Ganda is seeing Calvin Abueva. In fact, the former admitted on It’s Showtime that he watched Calvin during practice. To make matters ‘worse’, Ryan Bang teased Vice Ganda and called Calvin his ‘daddy’ on air on Friday.

It is not secret that Ryan is Vice Ganda’s ‘anak-anakan’ and Bang calls Vice ‘mommy’. Now, it seems, he has found a ‘daddy’!

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But Calvin is married. In fact, he has four children and Vice is ninong to one of his kids.

Maybe, they’re just friends and people are just reading too much on their closeness…

vice ganda calvin abueva

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