Published: Monday 22 October, 2018

Netizens Slam Vice Ganda After Photos of Vice Ganda with Imee Marcos Go Viral

Vice Ganda Imee Marcos

Vice Ganda, Imee Marcos in Ozamis City.

Pro-Marcos? Photos of Vice Ganda with Imee Marcos are now going viral and many netizens are not happy about it. In the photos, Vice Gana can be seen arriving in Ozamis City with Imee, reportedly on October 20.

The purpose of Vice Ganda’s trip to Ozamis City is not clear but he can be seen wearing a welcome necklace of flowers (whatchamacallit) like the one Imee Marcos is also wearing. The two are seen being welcomed to Ozamis City by mayoralty candidate Sancho Fernando “Ando” Oaminal.

Is Vice Ganda campaigning to Ando Oanimal? Or was he just a guest for a special event which, coincidentally also had Imee Marcos as guest? Any which way, many netizens are not happy.

Vice Ganda Imee Marcos

What were Vice Ganda & Imee Marcos doing in Ozamis City? (RMlogy)

Because of the photos, Vice Ganda has been tagged as pro-Marcos and is now being bashed on social media.

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“Hindi lang pala Dutertard, Marcos apologist din. Keep it up, Vice Ganda. Kaunti man kami sa ngayon pero dadami din kami.,” said Twitter user Better PH.

“He SUCKS! …literally and figuratively…Magkano kaya tinanggap na TF nito?? Nagpapakawala na talaga ng mga nakaw na salapi ang magnanakaw na hugis mangga at sandok!” said Luis R. Montecarlo.

“Vice recently retweeted: you’ll never live a happy life if you always care about what others think of you. Well fortunately for you Vice, you have a life…while others’ lives were taken away from them by the Marcos regime and now the Duterte regime. ,” wrote J. Darwin.

“I never liked his panlalait but he was funny at times. When he seemed to be voicing out the masses sentiments, he’s somehow earning my respect. But this?? Oh my, mukha din pla sya pera! Below zero respect na!” said Mrs. Edwards.

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“Very disappointed with @vicegandako. A lot of things she says makes sense pa naman. Sayang ung huge following nya, she could be a catalyst in preventing historical revisionism that is prevailing in society. Folks should know better & stop supporting her shows & endorsed products,” said Charlie B.

“Mangmang din si VG. Hindi nya alam na ang na-plunder ni Papa Marcos na bilyones, hindi pa isinasauli nina imee. Na ang mga biktima yong na-torture, yong disappeared, yong pinatay, yong inabuso ng Martial law ay totoong nangyari at kahit pilit erevise ng marcoses, truth pa rin ito,” wrote getalife.

There are many more of the same tweets But we’re sure Vice Ganda has a good explanation for this.

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