Published: Sunday 14 October, 2018

LOOK Beware of ‘Spider Boys’ Trying to Open Cars in Traffic to Steal Your Valuables

spider boys

One ‘spider boy’ caught on video near NAIA Terminal 1. (Facebook/Jackie Reaño)

They are called ‘spider boys’ and there have been many reports of them robbing cars stuck in traffic. These ‘spider boys’ – street children, beggars or those that wipe your windshield and ask for money in return -open unlocked car doors and run off with whatever they can take.

Recently, two videos were posted online showing what these ‘spider boys’ do. One was taken along Ninoy Aquino Avenue near NAIA while the location of the other isn’t clear. To avoid falling victim to this modus, always make sure that your car windows are closed and your doors are locked.

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Further, don’t leave anything valuable that may arouse their interest in full view. Who knows, they may just break your window just to get it.

With Christmas fast approaching, authorities warn ‘spider boys’ will be more daring and other such modus operandi will be more rampant.

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