Published: Friday 23 December, 2016

VIDEO ‘Biritero’ Carolers from Tacloban Go Viral with their Amazing Voices

It is already a tradition in the Philippines for children to go Christmas caroling from house to house during the holidays. But a group of carolers from Tacloban has captured the attention of their audiences because of their amazing voices.

Biritero carolers

The biritero boys of Tacloban City. (PHOTO: Nicole Ivanne Deen/Facebook)

Dubbed as ‘biritero’ (belters), the group of kids are now the latest viral sensation on social media after a netizen uploaded their video on Facebook. To date, their video has amassed almost 300,000 views and steadily increasing especially after it was featured on GMA News.

Posted by Nicole Ivanne Deen, the video shows the carolers singing ‘Sana Ngayong Pasko’ to their audience, restaurant patrons in Tacloban City. At several points, the lead singer, who has the best voice in the group, even stopped to ask those watching to pay attention. After which, he continued singing without losing a beat.

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The ‘biriteros’ now have dozens of fans on Facebook some of whom expressed their wish that the boys (?) would be discovered because of their amazing talent and this could pave the way to help their families.

Watch their video below.