Published: Sunday 21 October, 2018

LOOK Desert Nation Qatar Floods After 1 Year Worth of Rain Falls in ONE DAY!

qatar flood

Unusual scene of flooding in Qatar. (Twitter screen grab)

Unusual scenes of flooding gripped Qatar. Torrential rains caused flooding in many parts of the desert nation catching many resident by surprise who are not used to such situations. As expected, the floods caused disruption and chaos.

According to local authorities, more than one year’s worth of rain was dumped in just 24 hours in some areas. Al Jazeera reported that the average annual rainfall in Qatar is 77mm. But, suburb of Abu Hamor in the capital Doha, for example, authorities reported that 84mm of rain in less than 6 hours!

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At one stage, as much as 61mm of rain was reported in only 70 minutes, Al Jazeera added.

There was widespread disruption in many areas. Schools and offices were closed as well as some shops and government offices.

Roads became impassable and there were scenes of cars submerged in flood waters. Flights were also cancelled because of poor visibility.

The waters have since receded but the memory of Qatar’s flooding, such as these captured on video and posted on social media, will remain in many locals’ minds for some time.

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