Published: Saturday 26 May, 2018

Filipino-Belgian Duo Wins Belgium’s Got Talent 2018 with Flawless Dance

Even before the grand finals of Belgium’s Got Talent 2018, Pinoy-Belgian Ian Lodens and Natascha Van Es were heavy favorites to win. And during the grand finals, Lodens and Van Es lived up to expectations with a flawless routine that left BGT judges in awe.

The Filipino-Belgian tandem of Ian Lodens and Natascha Van Es are the grand winners of Belgium’s Got Talent 2018! Aside from impressing the judges, the duo received the highest votes from the audience after their acrobatic dance to win Belgium’s biggest talent search.

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Interviewed earlier by ABS CBN, Ian, whose mother is a Filipina from Quezon City, said his training in jujitsu helped him prepare for the competition. Ian Lodens is a jujitsu world champion and the discipline in the sport is definitely an advantage for him in his Belgium’s Got Talent performance.

Meanwhile, Natascha Van Es was overwhelmed by the response they received as early as after their audition. She said they had been practicing a lot not to disappoint the people who have vowed their support for them.

“We are training a lot now, almost everyday, because we want to improve our element. We are also looking it up, try new stuff and if it works out, that’s good. But we have to do it a thousand times before we go on stage,” said Natascha as quoted by ABS CBN News.

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Ian hopes to travel to the Philippines soon to meet his grandparents.