Published: Monday 11 June, 2018

WATCH Gretchen Barretto Apologizes for Laughing Incident Slammed by Netizens

Gretchen Barretto has finally broken her silence on the laughing incident caught on video that went viral. In the video, Gretchen and her friends are seen laughing as a letter from a netizen asking for their help was being read. The video was culled from Gretchen’s Instagram live session.

Gretchen Barretto apology

Amid the backlash over the viral video showing them laughing at a letter sender, Gretchen Barretto has issued a public apology.

On Saturday, Gretchen issued a public apology and admitted her fault. She added that she and her friends were wrong and immature for laughing at the netizen’s letter. However, she clarified that they were not laughing at her nor her mother-in-law’s condition. The former actress also clarified that she has already clarified to the letter sender, identified as Jo-Ann Mula, that very same night the video was posted and became viral.

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“I apologized, we apologized, right after po we were all laughing that night,” said Gretchen. “This is between Patty Pineda, Mimi Que, myself, and jmula because si jmula po ang nagpadala ng request or ng mga kanyang wishes.”

“It was very rude, I admit. It was very inappropriate, unlady-like for us to behave that way. Sorry po at minsan nakakalimutan ko po na 48 years old na ako and I should be behaving my age. But talagang sadyang immature pa rin po ako and I am very sorry.”

“I’d like to make a public apology, although Jo-Ann Mula already accepted our apology that very night.”

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“We all take responsibility for what we did.”