Published: Sunday 01 July, 2018

VIDEO Huge Upset in Miss Universe Thailand 2018 as Sophida Kanchanarin Wins

Sophida Kanchanarin is the new Miss Universe Thailand 2018! The 23-year old Thai beauty beat heavy favorites Praveenar Singh, Thitaree Kasorn and several others to walk away with the title to represent Thailand in Miss Universe 2018.

Miss Universe Thailand 2018

Sophida Kanchanarin is Miss Universe Thailand 2018! (Instagram/@internationa_poll)

The results Miss Universe Thailand 2018 was highly-anticipated this year because its emerging status as a beauty pageant powerhouse in Asia, and also because of Praveenar Singh, aka Veena Singh. She was the heavy favorite going into the finals and was touted to be a strong contender for Miss Universe 2018.

On the other hand, Sophida Kanchanarin wasn’t even in many pageant watcher’s predictions! She was virtually out of the radar!

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But Veena may have peaked too soon. Her aura in early photos and preliminary appearances also didn’t translate as much to stage presence and projection during the finals.

For her part, Sophida ‘Ning’ Kanchanarin seemed to have everything going for her during the Miss Universe Thailand 2018 finals. The23 year-old Investment Banker from Bangkok with a degree in Finance from the University of Nevada will now be Thailand’s bet in Miss Universe 2018.

Miss Universe Thailand 2018 Results:

Sophida Kanchanarin – Winner
1st runner up – Thitaree Kasorn
2nd runner up (1) – Palita Puttharassu
2nd runner up (2) – Praveenar Singh
2nd runner up (3) – Valentina Giardullo

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VIDEO: Miss Universe Thailand 2018 Crowning