Published: Sunday 08 July, 2018

WATCH Gary V on Rated K: ‘I Have Kidney Cancer’ (and How it was Cured)

Doctors discovered that Gary Valenciano has kidney cancer during his recent surgery. This he revealed on Rated K with Korina Sanchez which will be shown on Sunday.

Gary V rated K

On Rated K, Gary V reveals his kidney cancer battle. (ABS CBN)

It will be recalled that Gary Valenciano had emergency open heart surgery a few weeks back. But fans hoping to see Gary perform soon may have to wait a little longer. This is because he is undergoing treatment for the kidney cancer the doctors discovered.

“Mayroon pang ibang nangyari, mayroon pa silang ibang nadiskubre,” Gary said during the preview clip of his Rated K interview.

“Pagkasabi sa akin ng doktor ay ‘Mayroon kang cancer of the kidney.’”

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The singer was devastated as he related his reaction to the cancer diagnosis, “Gaano katagal pa? Kailan ba matatapos itong lahat?”

Meanwhile, as soon as fans and netizens got win of his cancer diagnosis, social media was flooded withe messages of support for the well-loved performer.

In reply, Gary posted the following message, assuring fans he is okay.

“Hi everyone. Looks like many of you saw the preview of my interview on Rated K. Pls watch the entire interview this Sun on ABSCBN. There you will hear in detail what I went through. BUT do know that I am now ok…and I’m ready to come back soon. Don’t worry k? I U all.”

UPDATE: On Rated K earlier tonight, Gary V revealed that he is free of kidney cancer! This after doctors removed the malignant tumor on his kidney during a surgery performed last June 13.

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Gary added that he no longer has to undergo chemotherapy because the tumor has been removed and the cancer has not spread.

WATCH Gary V on Rated K below:

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[…] Gary Valenciano and his battle with kidney cancer became a trending topic on Friday after the teaser for his rated K interview came out. In it, Valenciano revealed that doctors diagnosed him with cancer after finding the disease during his emergency heart surgery a few weeks back. […]