Published: Saturday 06 October, 2018

WATCH Janno Gibbs Denies Viral Scandal Photos are His: ‘It was embarrassing for me.’

janno gibbs denies scandal photo

Not me in scandal photos, says Janno Gibbs.

The guy in the scandal photos are NOT him, says Janno Gibbs. On Tonight with Boy Abunda (TWBA) Friday night, Janno said that the scandal photos was embarrassing for him, and more especially for his two daughters.

Photos allegedly of Janno Gibbs surfaced online in August. It consisted of an upper body shot that showed him looking at the camera while lying in bed, and another pic of his torso and lower body. In the second photo, the t-shirt of the guy was pulled up and his underwear was pulled down thus showing his manhood.

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In his interview on TWBA, Janno Gibbs admitted that HE is guy in the first photo but denied it is he in the second.

But how can that be? The second photo shows the guy on the same bed with the same bed sheet and wearing a very similar white t-shirt? But that’s just our opinion. You be the judge. (See the scandal photos HERE)

Then again, we perfectly understand Janno’s denial. After all, sino ba naman ang aamin? Sabi nga nila, [email protected] lang ang aamin, especially under these circumstances.


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