Published: Friday 08 June, 2018

LOOK JC Intal Scolded by Daughter Lucia: ‘No Selfie While Driving!’

A video posted by basketball player JC Intal sees him being scolded by his daughter, Lucia. The young girl was busy singing the nursery rhyme ‘The Farmer in the Dell’ inside the car when she noticed that JC was taking a video of her while driving.

Lucia, just two years old, immediately tells her dad, ‘No selfie while driving!’

JC Intal can be heard laughing at himself in the background. And in the comments section, mom Bianca Gonzalez commended her daughter with the hashtag #goodjobanak.

Lucia will have a sibling soon. Recently, Bianca and JC announced that they are expecting another child by posting a video of Lucia introducing herself as ‘Ate Lucia’.

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