Published: Monday 09 July, 2018

VIDEO Jenny Caluna, Mother of Baby Left in Car at Metrowalk, Admits their Fault

The mother of the one-year old baby found left inside a locked car at Metrowalk has spoken up. Jenny Caluna spoke to Raffy Tulfo live on News5 on Monday about the video of her baby that has now gone viral.

Jenny Caluna baby left car

Video of the baby left inside a locked car at Metrowalk now viral. (Jasper Pascual/Facebook)

According to Jenny Caluna, the incident happened around 4:00 AM (OMG!) at the Metrowalk parking area. She and her husband manage a store at the said place and they were there at the time to deliver something to the store. With them were their two kids, the one-year old baby boy and an older child, six years old.

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Caluna said the baby boy was sleepy so she went back to the car to breastfeed him. After a while, the baby fell asleep. Then her husband called and said their older child was hungry and wants to buy some food to eat.

That was when she left the baby boy asleep inside the Fortuner, went first to the restroom and to her other child. But Jenny Caluna said she was not gone too long.

But Raffu Tulfo said, and most of us agree with him, that in no way should a child be left inside the car alone. Under no circumstances should a baby be locked in side the car and left there. Not even for one minute!

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To this, Jenny Caluna admitted her fault. But she denied that she and her husband were drinking at Metrowalk while they left the baby boy in the car.

Watch the entire exchange between Caluna and Raffy Tilfo below. Their conversation starts at around 43:10 in the video.

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[…] Monday, Jenny Caluna, the baby’s mother, was interviewed by Raffy Tulfo on News5 and admitted their fault though she reiterated that they didn’t leave their child […]

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