Published: Sunday 18 December, 2016

WATCH Luis Hontiveros Evicted from PBB Lucky 7 Regular/Adult Edition

Another housemate has been evicted from the PBB Lucky Season 7 Regular Edition. Tonight, housemate Luis was sent home.

Luis Hontiveros

Luis Hontiveros has been evicted. (PHOTO: Luis Hontiveros/Twitter)

Luis Hontiveros, dubbed as the ‘Longing Son ng Taguig’, has been evicted from PBB Lucky Season 7 Regular Edition. Luis received the lowest number of public votes and was thus sent packing. 

It was revealed by host Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, that Luis received 47.57% of the votes compared to Wil Dasovich’s 52.43%.

Luis Hontiveros voting results

Voting results this week. (PHOTO: ABS CBN)

Hontiveros and Dasovich were nominated for eviction earlier this week after receiving the least number of positive votes from other housemates. Actually, three housemates were nominated in all – Auro Azarcon, Wil Dasovich and Luis Hontiveros. However, in the LigTask Challenge that ensued, Azarcon managed to beat Luis and Wil and was thus saved from eviction this week. It was up to the viewers to vote who they want to stay. Voting was done overnight.

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On his Twitter account, Luis Hontiveros posted the following message right after being evicted: ” It’s been a great journey. But this is not the end. This is just the start of something great. Thank you so much! ”

Luis thus joins other Regular Edition housemates who have already been evicted earlier – Thuy Nguyen, Jesi Corcuera and Ali Forbes.

This edition of PBB Lucky Season 7 is well on its way of finding the ‘2 Lucky Adult Housemates’ who will join the other previous winners of the celebrity and teen editions. They will enter PBB once again to find the ultimate Big Winner of the whole season.

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