Published: Monday 15 October, 2018

WATCH Magpasikat 2018 Performance of Jugs & Teddy Kicks Off Magpasikat Week!

magpasikat 2018

The opening scene of Magpasikat 2018 for Team Jugs and Teddy. (ABS CBN)

It’s Magpasikat Week once again on It’s Showtime! As the show celebrates its 9th anniversary this week, Magpasikat 2018 teams will perform production numbers each from Monday to Friday, the winner of which will be revealed on Saturday. Team Jugs and Teddy kicked off the contest with their performance on Monday.

Described by one of the judges as a performance with a heart (‘may puso’), the Magpasikat 2018 number of Jugs and Teddy had elements of drama, comedy and even action. Anchored on a young boy’s wish to have a TV from his tricycle driver father, the production number started and ended with this noble theme.

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But what happened in between was not too impressive. A mishmash of recreations of TV shows and even commercials, this one will most probably not win Magpasikat 2018.

Team Jugs & Teddy: Magpasikat 2018

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