Published: Tuesday 19 June, 2018

LOOK Man Falls to Death Taking a Selfie from Waterfall for Best Angle Shot

Social media has claimed another life. A selfie was the cause of death of a man in India after he fell from a waterfall. The 35-year old man fell to his death looking for the best angle for his selfie.

waterfall selfie death

The victim climbing down the waterfall cliff for a better selfie. (Caters News Agency)

Video posted online shows Ramjan Usman Kagji falling 170 feet to his death at Gokak waterfalls in Karntaka, India. Kagji was reportedly trying to get the best angle for a selfie and climbed down the ledge of the waterfall.

Witnesses said they heard the victim’s companions prodding him to look for a better spot as Kagji went down the slippery cliff edge near the waterfall. However, in doing so, he lost his footing and fell.

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Warning: Content may be disturbing

According to the police, his body is yet to be found.

‘The incident happened on Saturday between 3pm to 4pm and since then, we have been searching for the victim’s body. The water is very deep that is why we haven’t been able to fish out the body yet.’

According to MailOnline, police have since tightened security around the waterfall to prevent a similar accident. The video shows tourists are free to walk to the edge of the cliff to pose for pictures.

According to New India Express, 19 people have died at the Gokak Falls, either by suicide or in accidents.

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