Published: Wednesday 02 May, 2018

WATCH Man Mauled & Dragged by a Lion After Entering Animals’ Enclosure

A distressing video has emerged showing a man being dragged and mauled by a lion. The man, identified as Mike Hodge, entered the lion’s enclosure at Marakele Predator Park in South Africa, which he owns, survived the attack and is now recovering from his injuries.

According to reports, Mike Hodge and his rangers entered the lion enclosure to look into a foul smell that was upsetting the lions. However, upon entering the enclosure, one of the lions, obviously already agitated, turned on him. 

In the video, Mike Hodge is seen running towards the gate as the lion ran after him. He made it to the gate but failed to exit it in time as the lion caught up with him. Screams can be heard in the background as the lion mauled Hodge.

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Seconds later, his limp body is seen being dragged by the lion into further into the enclosure. Shots were fired and the lion was killed.

Mike Hodge is now recovering from neck and jaw injuries. he is lucky to be alive!

Meanwhile, Marakele Predator Park has been temporarily closed after the attack.

WARNING: Disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised.