Published: Friday 26 October, 2018

Miss Paraguay Collapses After Winning Miss Grand International 2018

Miss Paraguay collapse

Miss Paraguay collapsed on the floor after being named the winner! (YouTube)

A dramatic end to Miss Grand International 2018 when the winner fainted and collapsed on stage. And not just collapse, Miss Paraguay was sprawled on stage for a good few seconds while stage hands tried to revive her!

Miss Paraguay and Miss India stood on stage awaiting the announcement of the winner. And when host Xian Lim finally said it, “And the winner is Miss Grand….. Paraguay!!!”

Suddenly, Miss Paraguay, María Clara Sosa Perdomo, fainted. She then totally collapsed despite Miss India trying to hold her up. Miss Paraguay then lay on the floor as the camera zoomed out.

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It was really a total surprise. Nobody predicted Miss Paraguay to win. Maybe this is the reason why she was so overwhelmed. Some pageant watchers even wrote ‘WRONG PREDICTION’ on social media.

The favorites for Miss Grand International 2018 were India, Japan, Venezuela, Thailand and Dominican Republic. Indonesia was also mentioned, as well as Philippines, who unfortunately failed to even make it to the Top 20!

But there was hardly any mention of Miss Paraguay. The victory was too much for her.

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