Published: Sunday 07 October, 2018

WATCH Korina Sanchez Interviews Mocha Uson on Rated K, Netizens ‘Boycott’!

Mocha Uson rated K

Mocha Uson interview on Rated K. (Instagram/Korina Sanchez)

Face to face, Korina Sanchez and Mocha Uson on Rated K this Sunday, October 7. The recently-resigned and ever controversial Mocha will be interviewed by Korina on Rated K about her resignation, among other things.

This will surely be an interesting interview because Korina is yellow (not yellowtard, just yellow) and Mocha is DDS. But we are sure Korina will be professional and objective in this interview. On the other hand, let’s see if Mocha Uson can do the same.

This, we believe, is Mocha’s first major interview since resigning from her post as Assistant Secretary at the PCOO

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Here’s a teaser from Korina: “Yes, I just had an interview with headliner political figure and social media influencer Mocha Uson. My questions: Sino ang pinipili mong patulan? Nakipag sabunutan ka na ba for real? Ano ang sagot mo sa bashers mo? Meron ka bang ginawa o sinabing pinagsisisihan mo? Titiwalag ka na ba? Bakit ka nag resign? Tatakbo ka na ba sa eleksiyon?”

UPDATE: Some netizens have criticized Korina Sanchez for featuring Mocha on Rated K, with some comments saying it is just a waste of air time. Others said they will ‘boycott’ this Sunday’s episode because of Mocha Uson though they watch Rated K every week.

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But for Korina, it’s ‘trabaho lang, walang personalan’. She also posted this in the caption of this video on her Instagram:

“Hello all! Thank you! I read all your comments approving and disapproving. I respect it all. As I try to respect everyone’s opinions and choices. As a journalist it is a duty to air material for all. I make no editorials about Mocha either way. She is news material and we air what she has to say with no opinions. You might find it interesting. After which you make your own judgments.”

Mocha Uson on Rated K

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