Published: Friday 04 May, 2018

OFW Disguises as Waiter to Surprise His Kids About His Homecoming

Overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Mario Sayson wanted his homecoming to be special. Together with his wife, Sayson devised a plan to surprise his children by pretending to be a waiter at their favorite restaurant. And their reaction was simply precious!

Mario Sayson had been working as an electrician in Qatar for many years. To make his homecoming even more special, he and his wife asked the management of Gilligan’s Restaurant if they could have their cooperation in the surprise they planned for their two kids. The restaurant readily agreed.

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As we can see in the video taken by Mario’s wife, Shell, their two children had no idea what they were in for. Mario, dressed as a waiter and with a handkerchief covering his face, served them food unrecognized. But when he came back to serve the drinks, the handkerchief was off. 

At first, the kids still didn’t recognize him. But when his daughter, Princess, looked up as Mario was about to walk away, she could not hold back her tears and just covered her face crying. When Mario came back, it was his son’s turn to recognize his dad and they had a tearful reunion.

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Just like many surprise homecoming videos we have seen all over the Internet (mostly of US servicemen coming home), Mario Sayson’s version was as touching and heartfelt. It isn’t easy to be separated from family for quite a long time. Family reunions are already quite touching but to make it all a surprise is even more special.