Published: Thursday 03 May, 2018

WATCH Pinoy Soldier Singing ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran Now Viral on Soc-Med

‘Perfect’! That’s what netizens are saying about a Filipino soldier who sings Ed Sheeran’s song perfectly. The unnamed Pinoy soldier’s video is now viral on social media with many netizens encouraging him to join Tawag ng Tanghalan!

Who is he? What’s the name of this soldier who sings like Ed Sheeran? Nobody knows, for now. Anthony Enriquez, who posted the soldier’s video, didn’t reveal his identity. But it won’t be long until his name comes up on social media.

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As his video goes viral, the soldier is attracting a lot of followers and fans. Because he doesn’t only sing well, he’s a good looking too!

Anybody knows who he is?