Published: Sunday 03 June, 2018

VIDEO President Duterte Kisses OFW on the Lips During S. Korea Event

Now going viral are videos of President Rodrigo Duterte kissing an OFW in South Korea. It was no ordinary kiss. Duterte kissed the woman on the lips and, as expected, it drew a lot of reactions on social media.

At the end of his speech at an event in South Korea, Duterte announced that he is giving a away a book – “Altar of Secrets: Sex, Politics, and Money in the Philippine Catholic Church”. However, it has to be paid with a kiss. Thus, only women are qualified.

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“Wag lalaki, may bayad ‘to halik. Handa ka bang makipaghalikan?” said the president. He also told the audience not to take the kiss seriously as it was only a ‘gimmick’.

One woman from the audience, an overseas Filipino worker, came forward to claim her prize(s) – the book (and the kiss) from President Duterte.

As expected, critics of Duterte wasted no time in lambasting the president for the kiss, describing it as ‘inappropriate’, ‘gross’, ‘disgusting’, ‘in bad taste’, and even calling the president ‘manyakis’ (a maniac).

Others, however, said it was no big deal. While the kiss on the lips may be something a president should do, Duterte is a non-traditional president. He never has been and never will be. Even during the campaign, this was how he had been behaving so this kiss should not be a shock.

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Besides, the woman volunteered.

What do you think?