Published: Tuesday 12 June, 2018

WATCH Ricci Rivero Caught on Video Shouting at Fan; Rivero Apologizes

A video of Ricci Rivero shouting at a female fan has gone viral. The video shows the fan following Ricci after a game and seeming asking for a selfie. However, a shout was what she received. Rivero has since apologized.

Ricci Rivero shouts at fan

Ricci Rivero shouting at fan. (Facebook screen grab)

The video was taken after Ricci Rivero’s game with Gilas Cadets against La Salle last April 27 in the FilOil Flying V Preseason Cup. It was Rivero’s first game against his former team since leaving La Salle last February.

In his apology, Ricci Rivero admitted his ‘unacceptable behavior’ brought about by his frustration over Gilas Cadets’ bad loss to La Salle. He added, though, that dugouts are the players’ sanctuary where they can de-stress after a game and, thus, it was an inappropriate place to ask for a selfie.

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Nevertheless, Rivero sincerely apologized to the female fan and the others who were ‘affected and disappointed’ by his behavior.

VIDEO: Ricci Rivero Shouts at Fan

“I had a bad game, it was a frustrating loss. This was my first game out of and against La Salle,” wrote Ricci in his apology. 

“Dugouts are our only private place to pour our emotions seconds after an important game, ’twas just the most inappropriate time and place for a selfie. Hence, I still own up to this unacceptable behavior.”

“To the girl in the video and to all that are affected and are disappointed, I am a work in progress and I sincere apologize for my imperfections. Thank you po,” he concluded.

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Ricci Rivero’s Apology

Ricci Rivero apology

Ricci Rivero’s apology posted on Twitter.