Published: Sunday 09 September, 2018

WATCH Serena Williams Meltdown at US Open 2018: ‘I don’t need to cheat to win!’

Serena Williams meltdown

Serena Williams meltdown US Open 2018 finals. (Getty Images/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez)

The Serena Williams vs Naomi Osaka US Open 2018 finals  was highly anticipated. But it proved to be memorable in more ways than one as Serena Williams’ meltdown overshadowed Osaka’s first Grand Slam win.

There was much at stake for both Serena and Naomi Osaka. For Williams, she was looking for her 24th Grand Slam title to tie the long-standing record of Margaret Court. For Osaka, she was seeking her first Grand Slam at the tournament she most wanted to win, and against her idol. In the end, it proved to be one of the most controversial Grand Slam finals of all time.

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With Osaka in control after winning the first set, the drama began. Serena Williams went into a meltdown after Portuguese umpire Carlos Ramos handed Williams a code violation when he allegedly spotted Serena’s coach making hand signals from the players’ box. With the American raging, Ramos further handed her a point penalty for bad behavior.

Amid all these, Naomi Osaka kept her composure and went on to win.

Naomi Osaka US Open 2018

Osaka lifts her first US Open trophy. (Skysports)

“I know everyone was cheering for her and I’m sorry it had to end like this,” said Osaka during the trophy presentation.

Meanwhile, Serena’s coach, later admitted he was reaching coaching her from the stands. But Williams refused to admit any wrongdoing and insisted she was a victim of sexism.

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[…] her but on Serena Williams. Osaka may have won the title but the headlines screamed Serena and that controversial meltdown leading to her […]