Published: Saturday 06 January, 2018

Video from Toronto Airport Collision Shows Panicked Passengers Inside Plane

The investigation on the plane collision at the Toronto airport continues. Meanwhile, a video from inside one of the planes has emerged and it shows passengers in panic as they try to get out after the collision parked a fire on the plane’s tail.

Toronto plane collision

The tail of a WestJet plane is in flames after a collision with a Sunwing plane at Toronto airport. (Stephen Belford/Instagram)

The video from the Toronto airport plane collision was posted on YouTube by a passenger inside one of the planes.  A WestJet and a Sunwing plane were involved in the accident. The WestJet plane had just arrived from Cancun, Mexico with 174 passengers and crew on board and waiting for gate when it was hit by the Sunwing plane which was being towed out.

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A fire erupted on the tail of the WestJet aircraft necessitating emergency evacuation. No official figures of injuries have been released as of this writing.

Meanwhile, Sunwing said its plane was empty during the collision.