Published: Saturday 07 July, 2018

WATCH Ara Mina Denies Affair with Rina Navarro’s BF: ‘May inagaw ka ba?”… ‘Wala!”

Rina Navarro said Ara Mina admitted the affair to her privately but on Friday on TWBA, Ara Mina denied it. The actress said the rumors are false.

Ara Mina TWBA

Will the public still believe Ara Mina? (TWBA Instagram/ABS CBN)

“May inagaw ka ba?” asked TWBA host Boy Abunda, to which Ara Mina replied, “Wala.” She added that she does not owe anybody any explanation.

But will the public believe her? It will be recalled that this is not the first time Ara has been accused to having an affair with a married man. With such a ‘track record’, public opinion may not be on her side despite her denial.

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What if the public says, ‘Wala, walang naniniwala sa yo!’?

“Ang choice ko ay manahimik kasi wala akong dapat i-explain,” Ara told Abunda in Friday night’s episode of Tonight with Boy Abunda while promoting her participation in the afternoon drama “Precious Hearts Romances: Araw Gabi” starring JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial.

Rina Navarro has openly accused Ara of having an affair with her fiance, Undersecretary Dave Almarinez, leading to their breakup. What’s even worse, Ara and Rina were ‘best friends’!

Rina Navarro allegedly discovered the affair during Ara’s birthday celebration. Ara asked her best friend to sing with her on stage. But because Rina did not know the lyrics to the song, Ara gave Rina her mobile phone which contained the lyrics.

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In the middle of their performance, a text message from Dave Almarinez came in and Rina Navarro read it. Shocked, she reportedly ran to the bathroom and locked herself in while she read other text messages between Ara and her politician boyfriend.

Ara Mina on TWBA