Published: Monday 22 October, 2018

VIRAL Carlo Aquino Masturbation Scene in Indie Film Resurfaces Online

Carlo Aquino

Carlo Aquino in that infamous scene.

Everybody is now interested in the indie film ‘Porno’. Not only because of its title but because of Carlo Aquino’s masturbation scene. Screen shots of Carlo in the now-viral scene is one of the hottest items on social media!

But before you jump into any conclusions, the masturbation scene is merely a simulation! You don’t really expect an actor of Carlo Aquino’s caliber to do it in a movie, do you? Still, it’s good enough for some people!

Aquino is one of the most in-demand actors right now. Credit the resurgence of his career to the constant rumors and speculation that he and Angelica Panganiban have reconciled. And this is also one of the reasons why the CarGel comeback film, ‘Exes Baggage’, has earned hundreds of millions at the box office to date!

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As for Carlo’s indie film ‘Porno’, the Adolf Alix-directed movie was an entry to the Directors Showcase category of the 9th Cinemalaya Independent Philippine Film Festival several years ago. Yes, that was in 2013.

Someone must have dug up photos from Carlo Aquino’s scene and posted it on social media and voila, viral!

carlo aquino

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