Published: Wednesday 15 August, 2018

VIRAL Female Prosecutor Who Argued w/ MMDA Over Illegal Parking to be Charged

female driver argues MMDA

The female prosecutor arguing with the MMDA. (Gadget Addict)

Video of a female driver in a heated argument with MMDA personnel has gone viral. dubbed as ‘Miss 5 Minutes’ by netizens, the female driver turned out to be a fiscal, or public prosecutor, of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

In a press briefing, the MMDA said it plans to charge the prosecutor with direct assault after she allegedly hit a motorcycle-riding MMDA enforcer during the incident. MMDA Special Operations Group head Bong Nebrija said they may also file disbarment charges against her.

The video shows the female driver arguing with an enforcer over illegal parking. Since she arrived after the prescribed time, MMDA rules dictate that her Starex van had to be towed. But the driver continued to argue with MMDA personnel.

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And when she was asked for her license, she refused to hand it over, continuing to argue with Nebrija who could not explain their side because she repeatedly interrupted him in a raised voice.

The prosecutor’s husband then arrived and another heated argument ensued. He added that his wife is pregnant and the stress of the situation may lead to her miscarriage.

Eventually, the husband handed over his wife’s driver’s license to the MMDA enforcers.