Published: Saturday 20 October, 2018

VIRAL Hashtag Kid as ‘Kid Kardashian’ on Miss Q&A AnniBEKSary Special

hashtag kid kardashian

Meet Kid Kardashian, aka Hashtag Kid. (ABS CBN)

Magpasikat Week 2018 is ending with a bang on It’s Showtime. Aside from the announcing the winner of Magpasikat 2018, the show held a celebrity Miss Q&A contest that got us all laughing. But, laughs aside, viewers were in awe of Hashtag Kid who dressed up as a Miss Q&A contestant as ‘Kid Kardashian’!

Viewers and netizens can’t help but praise the looks of Hashtag Kid as Kid Kardashian. He even looks like Rhian Ramos! Some netizens said they find it unfair that Hahstag Kid can look to good as a man and even as a woman!

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hashtag kid kardashian

The other It’s Showtime host who dressed in drag for the Miss Q&A AnniBEKSary Special Edition were Jugs (as ‘Juggy Sta. Maria’), Nikko (as ‘Nikka Bermuda’), Teddy (as ‘Ilongna Tolentino’) and Jhong (as ‘Alakdawn Zulueta’).

BTW, Ryan Bang was dressed up as Ate Girl!

But don’t you think Jugs looks more like Leila de Lima?

jugs leila de lima

Leila de Lima was on It’s Showtime?

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