Published: Friday 19 October, 2018

VIRAL Isabela Teacher Caught on Video Scolding, Hitting Students; Probe Sought

isabela teacher viral video

Teacher Madeline Reyes-Tambasacan berating her young students. (YouTube)

Netizens are up in arms against a teacher in Isabela for berating and hitting her students. The teacher, identified as Madeline Reyes-Tambasacan, was caught on video spanking and lashing out at the young students at a scouting event over the weekend.

According to news reports, the incident occurred on October 12 during a scouting jamboree. Teacher Madeline Reyes-Tambasacan of Cutog Grande Elementary School was apparently in charge of a group of boy scouts but became very angry when some of them were missing. She could be seen angrily asking the other students where the others were and, when the missing scouts started to arrive at the tent one by one, Tambasacan could not control her temper and spanked them.

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The video was taken by one of the students presumably using a mobile phone.

Angry parents have asked the Department of Education to investigate the incident and Tambasacan. Some of them are asking for the teacher to be sacked. Others said they are preparing to sue Teacher Madeline Reyes-Tambasacan especially since she has not apologized.

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