Published: Wednesday 22 August, 2018

VIRAL Photo of Student Studying on the Street While His Dog Helps Him Beg

Student studying street LRT

Young student Eddie Aquino studying and begging in the street with his dog. (Ian Capoquian/Facebook)

A teenaged student studying under an LRT station has gone viral after his story was featured on Facebook. The Grade 9 student begs in the streets with the help of his dog.

The story of Eddie Aquino was shared on Facebook by Ian Capoquian. According to Ian, he wants to help Eddie, who is begging in the streets to support his family and studying at the same time.

The young man supports his two siblings and his father who is too weak to work. Despite his hardship, it is obvious that Eddie has big dreams and wants to attain these by studying.

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“I posted this because I wanted to help him. I want him to study inside a room, a well-ventilated space, with proper lighting and proper learning materials. I want to help him,” wrote Ian Capoquian.

Hopefully, Eddie Aquino gets the help that he needs.

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