Published: Monday 01 October, 2018

VIRAL Partylist Rep. John Bertiz Allegedly Refuses to Remove Shoes at NAIA Security

Congressman John Bertiz III

Congressman Aniceto John Bertiz III shoving his ID into NAIA personnel’s face. (Facebook screen grab)

Partylist congressman John Bertiz III figured in another controversy, this time at NAIA. A viral video allegedly shows ACTS OFW congressman Bertiz refusing to remove his shoes after being asked to do so by NAIA security personnel.

In the NAIA CCTV video posted on social media, Aniceto John Bertiz III can be seen allegedly refusing to take off his shoes as part of security measured being implemented at the airport. Moreover, it looked like Bertiz even shoved his ID to the NAIA security staff to identify himself as a VIP. Bertiz was also seen ripping off the ID of the poor security personnel.

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In contrast, Imee Marcos, who entered the frame a few seconds before Bertiz complied with the security measures as she was seen putting her shoes back on.

The incident reportedly occurred at NAIA Terminal 2 on Saturday, September 29.

“Incident at NAIA Terminal 2 Domestic Departure,where as of Today Security Condition Level 2 Alert is currently implemented,all passengers and employees are required to take off their shoes at the FINAL Security checkpoint respectively..we will be putting in private the name of the Personnel that was harrassed..Happened at around 6:45am Sept.29,2018.First enters Imee Marcos,kindly took off her shoes following security procedures.then enters this IGNORANT POLPOLITICIAN,Cong. ANICETO JOHN BERTIZ,as per instructions,was advised to take off his shoes,BUT deliberately ignored the screening officer and went in,then harrassed and shoved his damn ID unto the OTS personnel’s face and took the officer’s ID.Violating a lot of security protocols.And to our expectation,called General Manager Monreal to Terminate the Screening officer.WTF,mr. Congressman,di ka presidente para ma-excempt sa SOP’s,mayabang ka!abusive of the AUTHORITY given to you by the PEOPLE!!kapal ng mukha mo.SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS,you can’t even follow?may utak kaba?you call yourself a PUBLIC SERVANT???Shame on you.IGNORANTE!!!” said the video’s caption.

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As expected, netizens were quick to condemn and slam Congressman Bertiz. Aside from being called ‘ignorante’, ‘arogante’, ‘abusive’, etc., some netizens called on President Duterte and Speaker Gloria Arroya to take action of Bertiz. Others said he is too arrogant and abusive for someone who is just a partylist representative.

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