Published: Sunday 10 June, 2018

Warriors Victory Parade 2018: Parade Route & Schedule But No Rally this Year

The Golden State Warriors capped the NBA season with another victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday setting the stage for another victory parade in Oakland. The NBA released the Warriors’ victory parade route and schedule, but announced that there will be no post-parade rally this year.

Warriors victory celebration

The Warriors celebrate after their 4-0 sweep of Cleveland. (NBA/Getty Images)

Led by Stephen Curry and Finals MVP Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors swept the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-0. It was the Warriors’ third NBA championship in four years and the fourth consecutive finals matchup between the two rivals. But this year’s finals was the most lopsided yet.

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After that JR Smith blunder in Game 1, the Warriors came from behind in all three of the remaining games. Cleveland tried to climb back each time but they were simply no match for the firepower of Curry, Durant and company.

Victory Parade Route

As announced by the NBA, the Warriots’ 2018 parade will be on Tuesday, June 12. The parade is scheduled to begin at 10:30 AM in Oakland on Broadway at 11th Street, and will take the following route:

No Post-Parade Rally

Unlike last year, the NBA has scrapped the rally this year. In an announcement, it said that the victory celebration will focus on the parade for 2018.

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“In lieu of a post-event rally, the Warriors and the City of Oakland have focused their planning efforts solely on creating an interactive parade, the primary element of a championship celebration, where fans will have the opportunity to share in the up-close excitement of the 2018 NBA Championship with the Warriors, their players, coaches, legends and staff.”