Published: Saturday 24 December, 2016

WATCH 2 Filipinos Hurdle Blind Auditions of The Voice of Greece

Many Filipinos have an innate talent for music, especially singing, and two Pinoys in Greece are using this talent to achieve their dreams via The Voice of Greece.

The Voice of Greece

2 Pinoys pass blind auditions in The Voice of Greece. (PHOTO: Facebook)

Meg Alcantara and Allan Paul Prediquera have both passed the blind auditions of The Voice of Greece. Watch their performances below.

Meg Alcantara

According to her back story, Meg was born in Greece to Filipino parents. She comes from a family of musicians. Her father is a member of the band and so are other members of her family. Only Meg’s mom is not involve in music professionally.

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In joining The Voice of Greece, Meg Alcanatara hopes to prove to other people that she is good enough to make it in the industry and achieve her dreams.

Allan Paul Prediquera

Also a member of a band like Meg, Allan Paul Prediquera hopes to make it in the country with The Voice of Greece. He revealed that he has been a victim of racial discrimination in the past and, by joining the contest, he hopes to prove the everyone that he is as good as everybody else, if not better.

Prediquera also revealed that their band was given the chance to perform at an Anti-Racism concert in Athens and people liked their music.

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