Published: Saturday 09 June, 2018

WATCH ‘A Star is Born’ Trailer: Lady Gaga Shines in Remake of Streisand Film

Warner Bros. dropped the first trailer of ‘A Star is Born’ Wednesday and Lady Gaga fans are ecstatic. ‘A Star is Born’ is Gaga’s first film starring role and there is already talk of a possible Oscar nomination, either in acting or song writing, or both!

The 2018 reboot of ‘A Star is Born’ sees Lady Gaga as Ally, an aspiring singer mentored by an older and established star – Bradley Cooper. The film is a remake of the Barbra Streisand, Kris Kristofferson movie from 1976.

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In the film, Ally’s singing career gradually rises and Jackson Maine’s (Bradley Cooper) slowly declines until Ally eclipses him.

A Star is Born

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga (Warner Bros.)

Gaga and Cooper played dual roles in the project. Aside from acting, Bradley Cooper also directed the film while Lady Gaga composed several original songs.

Warner Bros. will release ‘A Star is Born’ in October, just in time for the awards derby.