Published: Friday 09 November, 2018

WATCH Ahtisa Manalo’s Winning Q&A Speech at Miss International 2018

Ahtisa Manalo speech

Ahtis Manila during her speech at Miss International 2018. (Missosology)

Everybody’s still talking about Ahtisa Manalo in Miss International 2018. Ahtisa finished first runner-up to Miss Venezuela earlier today in Tokyo. And part of the reason for her victory was Ahtisa’s speech during the Top 8.

Miss International does not have a Q&A competition like other pageants. Instead, it asks its finalist to deliver a speech about a chosen topic. For Miss Philippines Ahtisa Manalo, she spoke about empowering the youth and inspiring them to reach for their dreams.

“Miss International is a celebration of youth and empowerment. I’ve always believed that age is not a barrier to reach our dreams or to have an impact on others. At 15, I started to help programs in my community for street children. At 19, I graduated college. At 20, I realized that I can speak for good causes to a wider audience, that’s why I joined our national pageant,” she said.

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“If I become Miss International, I would continue being the voice of the youth in showing that nothing is impossible with hard work and determination. And with these beautiful ladies with me tonight, a family of beauty queens [who are] all beautiful young dreamers and achievers, we will show the world that it is love, peace, and beauty that we truly care about. And together, we shall make a difference.”

WATCH: Ahtisa Manalo Speech

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